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Murfreesboro, Greater Nashville, & Middle Tennessee

Serving commercial industries and homeowners with skilled welding and fabrication. We offer solutions for your metal-specific issues, new and custom fabrication projects, common breaks and fixes, and emergency repairs.

Experienced Welders,


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Experienced Welders


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Sponge Blasting

All your traditional blasting and cleaning capabilities and much more!

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We work with most commercial, industrial, and residential customers. Projects can vary widely:


We create custom assemblies, structures, components, and functional parts for commercial and industrial applications. We will also fabricate for residential or personal applications.

Mobile Welding

For various reasons, your machine, structure, or vehicle simply can’t move (or be transported). In these cases, our mobile welding operations are ready to come to you.

Abrasive Sponge Blasting

An innovative and unique technology for blasting, micro-abrasion, and surface or contaminant cleaning. We’re able to do all the same projects as traditional blasting methods, but we’re also able to work with highly sensitive items, structurally delicate projects, or equipment that need a manufacturer’s recommended surface profile.

Steel Erecting

From blueprints through construction, LucasMWF is a steel erecting contractor specializing in entrances, additions, and full-scale structural framing up to 20,000 sq. ft.

Industries We Work With

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Rentals & Equipment

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Entertainment & Concessions

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Marine, Dock, Slip

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Find a local welder near you.

Welds that last a lifetime.
It’s our goal to create a long-term relationship as your go-to welder.

Welds that last a lifetime.
It’s our goal to create a long-term relationship as your go-to welder.

Skilled Welders

Middle Tennessee

Industry Authority

Local metalworking


Reliable & dependable

We strive for excellence
in everything we do.

We strive for excellence
in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

From your customer experience to the strength of our welds.

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Metal is everywhere.

From the support beams in your structures to the components that make up your machines and assemblies, metal is everywhere. In some cases, it’s most cost-effective to fix and repair. In other cases, it’s the only option.

Lucas Motorworks, Welding & Fabrication is Middle Tennessee’s go-to welding and fabrication shop. We also serve larger organizations as an on-call, dedicated welding contractor.

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Built beyond commonplace.

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Thank you for your continued business

Was able to get me scheduled quickly, showed up on time (actually a little early), and got the little small job I had done in a workmanlike manner.

By BH P.

Our situation was handled with excellent communication, service, and professionalism. I definitely recommend for your welding needs.

By Nancy C.

Michael and his team were eager to fabricate a unique part for the loader on a tractor. An excellent choice if you need metal work.

By William W.