Line Bore Machining & Welding

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Precision line bore repair and machining is vital in industries that use heavy machinery such as heavy excavation and earthmoving. The focus of line boring is on accurately resizing, straightening, or realigning previously machined or cast holes.

This level of precision ensures operational efficiency and increases the lifespan of the parts, as misaligned holes can lead to excessive wear, tear, or premature failure.

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High-Quality Bore Machining & Welding

Our services range from bore welding, bore machining, and facing operations, within the scope of accommodating small, medium, and large diameter loader bucket ears. Our dual-ported line boring system enables us to deliver consistently even, high-quality machined and welded surfaces, including:

  • Internal diameter welds
  • Face welds
  • Outside diameter welds

Precision is our priority. Our process allows for precise digital measurements for cutting finished paths. With these capabilities, we achieve very high levels of accuracy. We will also restore to manufacturers’ specifications or accommodate custom applications.

Additional Line Boring Features

Our bore repair services also extend to:

  • Face machining
  • Large diameter machining
  • Internal machining of snap ring grooves

Line Bore Service and Typical Applications

Whether you’re looking for heavy equipment repair, earthmoving equipment repair, or hydraulic excavator repair, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few typical line bore machining and bucket repair applications:

  • Heavy equipment and loader buckets

  • Teeth and shank repairs

  • Lip repairs

  • Coupling holes

  • Gear housing refurbs

  • Excavator bucket repair

  • Bucket bushing

  • Bucket pin boring

  • Bucket bore welding

  • Stick and boom repair

  • Loader bucket rebuilds

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We strive for excellence
in everything we do.

We strive for excellence
in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

From your customer experience to the strength of our welds.

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Line Boring Applications Across Industries

The precision and versatility of our services have proven valuable to a wide array of industries:

  • Excavation, Earthmoving & Landscaping: Tennessee ground is unforgiving on heavy machinery
  • Material Handling: companies in the business of sales or rental of heavy equipment
  • Mining: Regular maintenance and repair in harsh operation conditions
  • Marine: Construction and repair of ship components
  • Oil and Gas: Line boring for equipment manufacture, maintenance, and repair
  • Power Generation: Line boring services for turbine maintenance or large-scale equipment repairs
  • Railway: Repair and maintenance of railway engines and carriages

This isn’t by any means a comprehensive list. Several industries use heavy machines and loader buckets that will eventually need line bore rebuild or repair. Check out some more industries we work with.

Line boring is a specialized service. We will cater to most makes and models of heavy equipment or loader buckets. Our line bore machining and welding services ensure that your attachments are correctly connected to your heavy equipment, and function properly and efficiently. Contact us today for more information on our bore repair and machining solutions.

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