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Lucas Motorworks, Welding & Fabrication is a local weld shop serving a variety of customers including industrial, commercial, and homeowners.

We will consider all project sizes and applications. Call or message any time if you have questions about your welding needs.

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In many cases, fixing equipment, machines, or structures is far less costly than purchasing new, especially in commercial, construction, transportation, excavation, earthmoving, landscape, warehousing, and equipment material handling industries. Repair is often the best option for owners of large equipment and massive machines.

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Commercial & Heavy Trucking

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Excavation, Earthmoving, & Landscape

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Steel Erection

Concrete & Concrete Mixer

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Transportation & Equipment Trailers

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Material Handling Equipment

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Entertainment & Service Industry

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Automotive, Classic Car, & Vehicle

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Aquatic, Boat, & Marine

We’ll even come to you! Learn more about mobile and on-site welding.

We strive for excellence
in everything we do.

We strive for excellence
in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

From your customer experience to the strength of our welds.

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Local Welding Masters

Gas Metal Arc (GMAW)

MIG – metal inert gas – is generally used for large and thick materials and involves joining two metals with a filler metal. MIG welding is very common because it can be used for most metals. This technique is fast and more cost-efficient than higher-quality techniques like TIG.

Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW)

TIG – Tungsten inert gas – is generally used to create finished products with sound, slag-free welds so the corrosion resistance is the same as the parent metal. TIG is also very common because it can be used for most metals. However, this technique is more common in aerospace, autobody repairs, and artisan/sculptures because of the high level of control for detailed designs or curves.

Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW)

Like MIG/TIG welding, Stick can be used almost universally on metals such as iron, steel, aluminum, nickel, and copper alloys. It’s one of the first methods learned because of its easy handling, low prep time, low noise, and low procurement costs. We use best-in-industry machines to reduce spatter and porosity but will opt for a different technique when visual aesthetics is important.

Flux-Cored Arc (FCAW)

This is one of our favorite methods for outdoor and mobile projects on carbon steels, cast iron, and stainless steel. It’s also great for thicker metals. Flux-Cored Arc allows for efficient application of the filler metal without compromising high-quality welds. This technique cannot be used on more exotic nonferrous metals like aluminum.


Unlike other techniques that melt the base metals, brazing doesn’t. Brazing is a technique by which we join two metals by a bond between them. It uses a lower temperate that is applied broadly to the metals, then a filler metal is applied between them to form a very strong bond. We may use this technique when joining different metal types. Brazed joints also form a smooth line – favorable in appearance – unlike the weld line with other techniques.

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Nearly every type of metal.

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Welding FAQ

There is no answer that would best average out a price because most of our projects are completely unique.

Hourly rates depend on the scope of your project including the techniques, consumables, time, and materials. Tell us about your project – we’re happy to provide an estimate.

Yes, we’re happy to work with homeowners.

It’s in our company culture to offer helpful welder services to homeowners with a respectable turnaround time. Repairing trailers, mower decks, metal lawn furniture, car frames, and mailbox structures – for example – is much more cost-effective than buying new ones.

We work with nearly all metal types.

Our expertise extends to all types of metal including iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel, copper, and aluminum (to name a few).

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Homeowners welcome!

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Was able to get me scheduled quickly, showed up on time (actually a little early), and got the little small job I had done in a workmanlike manner.

By BH P.

Our situation was handled with excellent communication, service, and professionalism. I definitely recommend for your welding needs.

By Nancy C.

Michael and his team were eager to fabricate a unique part for the loader on a tractor. An excellent choice if you need metal work.

By William W.