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Breakdowns or structural failures of industrial machines can happen in many ways, such as a multi-million-dollar machine on a production line or a simple assembly stand. There’s a good chance you’re fully operational when the breakdown occurs, so repair needs to happen in a timely manner.

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Repair Situations & Your Industrial Machines

Industrial operations cover a wide variety of situations. Most of the time accidents happen when someone (or a team) is in a hurry, overlooking a safety precaution, machine misuse, or skipping standard operating procedure.

Welding repair for your industrial machines:

  • Structure of the industrial machine itself
  • Structural mounting on or around the machine
  • Conveyor systems feeding to or from the machine
  • Barriers and guards that interact with the machine

LucasMWF has worked on structural welding repair projects for industrial machines:

  • Multi-process assembly machines

  • Conveyors

  • Parts transport machines

  • Valve testing machines

  • Robotic assembly platforms

  • HVAC fan/blower system mounts

  • Compressor castings (piston type, screw type)

  • Refrigerant dryer units

  • Hopper units

  • Balor/compactor machines

  • Large press and die machine mounts

Many facilities operate on volume. Industrial machines that stop production become costly in both production loss and employee expense. Larger operations may have an in-house maintenance team, and though most are capable of handling production line issues, sometimes damages can outweigh the capabilities or job scope of your team.

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We strive for excellence
in everything we do.

We strive for excellence
in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

From your customer experience to the strength of our welds.

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LucasMWF – Industrial Machine FAQ

Does industrial machine size or weight matter in what you’ll repair?

Yes and no.

In some cases, it’s more feasible (or economical) to have the machine brought to us. The turnaround time on repair can be quicker when the machine is at our facility. However, it may not be justifiable (or possible) to move a machine from your site.

  • Size of your industrial machine
  • Positioning in your facility
  • Weight of machine

This is when we bring our mobile repair facility to you. We establish a suitable and safe work area around the machine. For machines that operate around customers, we’re also able to work after hours and on weekends to ensure customer safety and minimal downtime.

Does industrial machine type or complexity matter?

Not usually.

LucasMWF has worked with a variety of industrial machines such as completely unique and industry-specific machines (i.e. there’s only a handful in the world).

We have repaired machines with complex circuitry, delicate components, and sensitive needs. LucasMWF most commonly performs welding repairs on structural aspects; however, we have ways of accommodating corrective repairs. Some machines cannot receive significant impact from hammers or heat from torches. Some machines with complex computer systems require delicate repair methods. Alternatively, we have hydraulic equipment that can push, pull, and twist structural pieces back into position.

Does the location of your industrial machine matter?

We’ve had some exceptions.

The majority of what we repair is in warehouse and production settings. Some of those machines can be difficult to reach with larger repair equipment, especially if the factory is congested. We’re usually able to overcome these obstacles with special tooling and equipment attachments.

We’re willing to discuss the circumstances of every situation.

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